Amazing Spider-Man v2 #36 5 NM copies + 45 more books

New Comic Standard

Hello and Welcome! This collection is what I'd call a small but mighty lot of Bronze through Modern Age books, 50 books in total. This was one of those auctions w I simply did not have enough picture slots to show all the good books in this collection. Please check below for a bullet list of the features:

5 NM copies of Amazing Spider-man Volume 2 #36 World Trade Center memorial. 1 could go NM+. A superb run of Uncanny X-Men including 140 NM(Wendigo)(60$ in NM), 2 copies of 169 NM and NM+(first Callisto), 170 NM, 2 copies of 173 NM to NM+, 175, 177, 181, 196, all NM or better, 281, 282(first Bishop appear), 283(first full Bishop) all NM or better Marvel Secret Wars #8, Spidey's first black alien costume, NM. Also Amazing Spiderman v2 #1 in NM(scarce book), and Spider-Man #1 Silver copy and #13 collectors issue, return of black costume both NM or better. Wolverine #1 in NM- along with Sabretooth number 1 in NM. Astonishing X-Men #1 in NM to NM+ claws edition. Ghost Rider V2 #1 in NM or better and V3 #1 also in NM or better. Incredible Hulk 340 in VF+ along with 236 in NM+, 377, 393, and 400 all in NM or better. A nice sampling of Shang-Chi 105 (2 copies) 106 and 107 all in the NM- range. Detective Comics 479 and 480 both in NM- range(30$ a piece), along with 2 copies of Detective 600 also in NM-
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