Amazing Spiderman 129 F+ 6.5 NO RSV

Amazing Spiderman 129 F+ 6.5 NO RSV

Currently we are offering over 600 lots of Marvels from the mid 1960's through the early 1980's. Runs of all the major super hero characters are offered across all grade ranges. All of our books come in individual MYLAR. We are the only company in the nation that offers this expensive, archival material free with our auctions. As always, happy hunting!

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Please use the description rather than the auction scan for completeness. Many of our lots have books that are undisclosed, but included free in the auction. If you see a book in the scan that is not included in the description, then it is a freebie.

Showcase New England is the largest seller of comic books on Ebay, and has the highest power seller credentials among all comic retailers. We are a senior advisor to Overstreet, won CBG's customer service award for seven consecutive years, and have sat on several of the prestigious Sotheby's and Christie's grading committees.

CONFIRMATION POLICY for all the auctions won are sent on the Monday following the auction. All auctions are UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED without

SHIPPING & PAYMENT, INSURANCE POLICY . These are terms and conditions for all shipments.

DOMESTIC SHIPPING POLICY: United States: We offer UPS as our primary service. They provide free tracking. The fee is $9.00 for the first book up to around 15 books, $10 from 16 through 30 books, and $11.00 from 30 to 50 books. Because of the box change after 50 books, 50 to 100 books is $17.00, 100 to 200 books is $24.00. CGC books are $10.00 for one or two, and another $10.00 for the third or fourth book. This is because our proprietary boxes only fit two books. Shipping price on orders with 5 to 7 books is only $20.00 total as we can use a bigger box for all of the CGC books. Our costs for UPS shipping are as follows: Our boxes cost about $2/2.50. The delivery charge for each box sent UPS averages about $5/6.00 for the first pound depending w in the US packages are sent. UPS charges $1.00 residential delivery fee. T are about 10 to 15 books per pound depending on many factors (we use 15 books per pound). This is how we arrive at $9.00 to $11.00 for the first 1 to 50 books. Post Office shipping can be accommodated if requested. We charge $11.00/$13.00 for orders sent through the post office. We charge the additional 20% based on the above UPS shipping model for packages sent in the US. We charge more because getting to and from the post office increases our time and labor and requires the use of an automobile. Additionally, using the post office increases the amount of labor we need to package items. Please note: We do not recommend the post office. Having shipped over 100,000 packages in the last decade, I can state unequivocally that the post office offers the most substandard service available for packages in the United States. For that reason we accept no responsibility whatsoever, for any reason, for any shipment sent through the post office. UPS offers free tracking, a better service and can be held accountable for lost packages. The post office cannot offer these services without taking extra measures that, again, cost extra time and money. We do not ship media mail, so please don't ask. If our shipping policy is unacceptable than please don't bid.
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INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING POLICY : All orders are sent AirMail, Parcel Post. Insurance is mandatory. Please note the cost is prohibitive for all orders with more than 30 books.
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PAYMENT TERMS : We accept PayPal, Checks, and Money Orders. All shipments for PayPal payments will be sent only to verified addr...
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