***THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN #8 silver age off white spinal damage***

Detailed item info Product Description The Amazing Spider-Man #8 takes you on another adventure of Peter Parker disguised as Spider-Man for the whole world. This Marvel Jan 1964 comic book revolves around a tiff between Flash Thompson, Peter’s former classmate, and Pete. The fight began as a mere scuffle, but ends in a formal match. Flash and Peter give you an amazing insight into a fight sequence with this Marvel comic book. In between the fight, the Living Brain, a robotic computer, goes on a rampage. Peter Parker then changes into Spider-Man and rescues innocent people. The The Amazing Spider-Man #8 therefore gives you a thrilling reading experience with Stan Lee as its script writer. Get engrossed in the action-packed episode of this Marvel Jan 1964 comic book. Watch the superhero beat down the antagonists in this Marvel comic book. Comics Identifiers Series Name The Amazing Spider-Man Issue Number #8 Publication Date Jan 1964 Publication Year 1964 Content Information Language English Genre Superhero Characters Spider-Man Type Cover Publication Details Publisher Marvel Publisher Country United States Series Publication Country us Cover Brand Name Marvel Comics Group Cover Price 0.12 USD Production Team Scripts Stan Lee Inks Steve Ditko Pencils Steve Ditko Print Features Number of Pages 36