Amber Black Correia Studios Art Glass Perfume Bottle Signed GREAT GIFT

Amber Black Correia Studios Art Glass Perfume Bottle Signed GREAT MOMS GIFT

Amber/Black Geometric Perfume Bottle

Corriea Art Studio #9213

4" by 3"

Correia Art Glass is of the highest quality and most elegant design. Its allure is the visual aesthetic of color, form and tactile sensation yet it is the perfect marriage of art and function. These pieces beg to be held and used.

The skilled artisans for Correia Art Glass use the freehand blowing techniques and tools of centuries past while applying new technology that produces superior results. Liquid glass, pulled from the furnace’s 2600 degree Fahrenheit inferno on to long stainless steel pipes, is blown and twirled and worked in an artful silent ballet of hot glass applied to hot glass.

The molten magic of fire transforming fine sand from the American Southwest into glass is an entirely handmade process using our own formulas of minerals and precious metals. The result is art achieved through color, shape and light. Designs are garnet-etched into the surface of the glass, never painted on. Correia uses no molds, making each glass object a unique handmade creation . Each piece is then signed, dated and registered for authenticity, protecting its value for the future.

The nation’s great museums own Correia Art Glass . It
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