Beautiful amber rhinestone brooch G/mothers estate

Hello and welcome to my auctions.I am selling a large amount of mostly Scottish jewellery that i have recently inherited from my late Grandmothers estate.My Grandmother collected some of the most beautiful jewellery that i have ever seen.This beautiful amber rhinestone brooch is a stunning piece.This piece has amazing detail.This piece was dearly loved by my Grandmother.Buyers are always asking me what my Grandmother was like.My Grandmother was a fine beautiful lady, who loved to collect fine things.She was brought up on the beautiful Scottish island of Islay. Over the weeks i will be listing items from my Grandmothers estate daily.Please take time to have a look through my auctions at the unique antique jewellery that i have for sale.All of my items start at a low starting price, but please do not take this as an indication of its value.I like to leave that up to the bidders.Many thanks for looking and good luck if you decide to place a bid. I recieve lots of emails from buyers who were outbid in the last seconds of the auction by snipers.The only advice i can give is to bid what you are willing to pay for the item, that way you stand a better chance of not being outbid.All of my items are unique.I do not have duplicates to sell so please bid sensibly.Good luck if you decide to place a bid.Note the box is not included.If insurance
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