For Amber Waves... by Terry Redlin, Master Linen Framed

For Amber Waves... by Terry Redlin

"After a long and difficult journey, the pioneer family left the wagon train and settled on their homestead. The Conestoga is parked, the house built, the well sunk. The farmer's wife is trying out the new single bottom plow, and the kids fly a kite off the front porch. In this high and windy place, they can see far into a bright future. This scene, with wave after wave of wild prairie grass, was inspired by a location near my boyhood home in eastern South Dakota ."

Master Stroke open edition. Framed size: approx. 19-1/2" x 13-1/2" with a very impressive 2-3/4" wide oak moulding, linen liner with gold lip and nameplate. Image Size: approx. 13-3/4" x 7-3/4"

Certificate of Authenticity by the Terry Redlin Company.

This item is "New In The Box"!

The Certificate of Authenticity is included and mounted to the back of the framed piece.

Master Stroke Linen Collection faithfully reproduces the look and feel of the original painting on pH-neutral linen for a traditional, old-world appearance. Images are protected and sealed with an ultra-violet resistant texture film. No glass is used thus eliminating the glare and potential for breakage.

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