Amberina Ice Cream Serving Dish, c 1900, deep color

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Amberina Ice Cream Serving Dish, c 1900, deep color. This is the real thing!

I bought this ice cream set on ebay many years ago when vintage, turn of the
century, amberina was more plentifully available. Now I have to sell it. Each
piece is being sold individually. This auction is for the main serving dish.
The colors are extraordinary: sweet deep red and brilliant golden amber.
I'm selling each piece separately so you can fill in your own set or afford just
one dish alone. This set is not complete. I bought it with 5 smaller dishes and
broke one. The original set might have had 6 of the small dishes. Ice cream used
to be hand churned and scooped out of the bucket onto a big serving tray. Then it
was placed in the center of the table and guests would take individual servings

Amberina - A type of Art Glass that varies in color from amber to ruby red or purple on the
same object. This shaded effect is due to the presence of gold in the batch. The object is amber
when it emerges from the lehr, but partial reheating causes the affected portion to become red or
purple. Amberina, developed by Joseph Locke (1846-1936) at the New England Glass Company in
East Cambridge, Massachusetts, was
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