American atomic wall clock large face second hand satellite old-school display

Condition of item : Please notice pictures for the best details. We take all pictures with a high pixel count so the bidders can copy and paste to photo editior or ues the Ebay zoom in features. Once you have looked at pictures and if you have more question please feel free to contact us though ebay messages: Working order, comes as shown with what is shown, in the box thats shown.

The item pictured is selling how its shown with what is shown, IF its not in the picture, it wont be in your box when you get it. We look each piece over ( we are only human ) we may honestly miss something. We dont know the history of every item, and do the best we can. We are a consignment store and trust our seller to tell us about the item. Some consigners know less about their item then we do, Some know the whole history. We pass this on to you. We sell for the average public, local casinos and banks. You can find us listing about anything. Please dont contact us and ask if we have more of something, If we have more than one we list it. We have everything on hand or I have it in one of our storage units. We do not hold items more than 45 days ( Unless otherwise stated ).

Shipping: Our shipping prices might seem sometimes high, We cant help that, the USPS charges us and we pass that onto you. Ebay also take their % out of the

We ship out the items with in 72 hours of CLEARED payment. Tracking is automaticly added to the auction details page and should be viewable by buyer within 24 hours after the item is mailed. ONCE the item is in the mail WE DONT CONTROL the USPS system, They may get it right to you, they may send it around the world twice, drive a truck over it or use it as landing gear Or just loose it all together. PLEASE dont blame us for their issues. Judge us on our items, our descriptions, how we package the item and by how fast it takes us to get it on the mail truck, after that its in the government hands. We are always willing to work with your choice of carrier IF you dont want to use the USPS system. We will also allow you to purchase your own shipping and email us the lables if that is what you choose. We are very willing to work with our buyer on the shipping or transport.

WE do combine shipping, and its always saves a bunch. WE dont mix glass with anything besides other glass. We are a consignment store, (1) person takes the item in, another person takes the pictures, another person lists the item, and yet another person packages the item. When you contact us though ebay messages YOU are talking to the owner of the store. NO middle man there.

Every item over 50.00 gets insured ( unless its solid and basicly unbreakable ) EVERY items has tracking. Items over 85.00 will come with signature conformation. WE want you to get our item in the same condition you purchased it in. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and we look forword to doing buisness with you for a long time.

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