American Brilliant Cut Glass Crystal Powder Box Strawberry Diamond, Fan Hobstar

Beautiful early cut glass powder box jar from the American Brilliant period (1880-1905) when they made deep miter cuts in the glass to create the pattern of strawberry diamond, fan and hobstar. Actually this glass box top and bottom are interchangeable and they fit perfectly together. I'm referring to the top crystal as the one piece with the rim that fits on the outside of the bottom piece. In near perfect condition, 2 or 3 little tiny nicks along the rims finger felt and one little chip (about 1/4") on of one of the fans but does not go through and has not cracked. You can hardly see the chip, you can feel it though from the outside. You cannot feel it on the inside. I have included a photo of the chip and I think photo 9 shows it best. What a lovely piece of early cut glass and it measures about 5 1/4" wide x 3 1/2" tall. No returns on this lovely item.

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