is a VERY LOVELY piece of art from my family collection. My grandmother used to use this for cut flowers, like irises, that need the extra height. So pretty, interesting cut glass patterns, very heavy. The handle has a flat place for a thumb, plus little flat finger places all along it. The spout has a tulip-like design, and the top is bumpy. Someone told me this is castle-cut, but I don't know for sure.

Terrific pitcher, very heavy - weighs about 6 pounds, my scale only weighs accurately to 5 pounds and this tops the scale. T are slight scratches on the bottom w it sits, and one little flake spot that I see - check the photo, the flaw is at the end of the pencil on the top edge. Everything else seems great to me.

I am not an expert in glass; in fact, I know little about these pieces except that my family loved them. My grandma got this as a wedding present, and she got married in the 1920's. Not to say that the piece was not old then, but that's the date I can confirm. What pattern is this? I have not found it, although similar patterns are referred to as "American Brilliant" so that is how I listed it. Your questions and comments are welcome, and I will modify the listing if needed to accurately reflect the item.

CHECK THE PHOTOS and ask questions - I will answer to the best of my ability. My home has no room
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