Rare American Brilliant Square Cut Tall Crystal Decanter w/ Double Spout in EUC

DESCRIPTION This is a vintage, tall lead crystal decanter from the American Brilliant Period. I would date this piece at the later end of the ABP, around 1910. This decanter was hand-cut in a cube, square style pattern. The spout on this decanter is a double-sided saddle style with beautiful detailing. The neck of the decanter is six-sided. The base is cut with the classic starburst pattern. The decanter comes with a multi-faceted, ground glass stopper. I do not believe the stopper is original, but it goes very well with this decanter and fits perfectly. The decanter measures just over 13 inches tall with the stopper and the base is 3 inches wide. Under a blacklight, this decanter glows a very light, pale green, almost yellow. There is a number "10" engraved into the crystal on one side of the spout as well.
APPEARANCE Excellent condition. There are a few minor nicks in the crystal after about 100+ years of use, but this is expected. No major damage. Crystal is very clear. There is significant base wear, but this is also common of pieces with this much age.