American clock 'ogee' 5 of for restoration

Here we have 5 american 'ogee' clocks in various states of dis-repair! price is for all 5. have listed them below from left to right on first picture. best to collect them in person. Taunton somerset. thanks for looking.

1, Jerome & co, 30hr,case very poor,movement complete with hands, back paper poor, no dial,weights or pendallum.

2, waterbury, 30hr, case fair, movement complete, dial poor, has weights but no pendallum.

3, Chauncey Jerome, 8 day, case good,early clock with wooden dial, back paper fair, original glass and hands, no weights or pendallum.

4, E N Welch, 30hr, with alarm, movement looks complete,case bit tatty but ok, 1 weight, no pendallum, back paper ok.

5, Chauncey jerome, 30hr, case only in fair condition, door glass good depicts St georges Edinborugh.