American Continental Regimental Coat, battle-worn!

Size ~40 chest, Red-faced dark blue wool full-length coat, appropriate for 1777 to 1783 war period, and even good for post-war impressions. This is a 20-year old regimental coat made by G. Gedney Godwin, "the Sutler of Mount Misery" It's seen a lot of service, but can still present a proper martial air for many years to come. The wool is still in mostly excellent shape, though t are a couple small moth holes. The fine linen lining is the part that shows the most age. It is dirty, and thinned in areas, especially around the edges. It can easily be repaired, and really just looks like a properly campaigned coat. You'll look like a damned handsome veteran in this! The pattern of the coat is basically a mid-to-late war style. Originally, the lapels were the late war (1781) french style, but I modified them to a more mid-war ('78-'79) short style. This could serve as a mid-war french-made coat for almost any Continental Army unit, or a late war impression for a regiment from a mid-Atlantic state. All the buttons and seams are all machine done, except for a few that I modified by hand - and the button holes on the lapels have been partially undone to try to obscure the machine work. The coats closes by hook & eye - only one pair left on, I will include a new set of 4 replacements if the
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