American Facetor Faceting Machine - Complete Set!! NR!!

You are bidding on an American Facetor faceting machine, manufactured by ARG Sales Company, serial number 792. The American Facetor is the only machine with a patented no column design. This concept was invented by Mr. Earl Montgomery, a renowned gemologist and engineer. ARG Sales Company stopped making the American Facetor to focus on making sighting systems for missiles for the US government. Only the highest standards of materials and workmanship were used in the manufacturing of this machine. Some of the benefits of this machine are fewer adjustments, simplicity of operation, and easy inspection of the stone. This machine uses 6 inch cutting laps. The programmed index plates it comes with are wonderful to use because they eliminate the possibility of mis-indexing. It also comes with the preforming attachment and nine cams. Included also is the original two piece transfer fixture with upgraded hardened steel locking pauls. The light, drip tank, dop sticks, and high angle reference pointer are all original to the machine. Please note this machine does not come with a 45 degree angle dop, because it doesn't use one. You simply set the facet head to 0 degrees in order to cut and polish the table. This eliminates a great deal of frustration. The splash pan is original, but has been modified so that a section can be removed to

Three 6" Cutting Laps - 360 grit, 600 grit, and 1200 grit crystallite standard aluminum backed discs. These are pretty well used but still have some life left in them Three 6" Polishing Laps - one tin lead type metal charged with linde A polishing compound, one crystalite last lap charged with 50,000 diamond grit (small vial of this included, just add a drop of oil), and one crystalite phenolic lap charged with linde A polishing compound - all three polishing laps have lots of life left in them All 4 Standard Index Plates - 120 tooth, 96 tooth, 80 tooth, and 72 tooth 6 Programed Index Plates - emerald shape, pear shape, heart shape, marquis shaped, 8 main oval, 10 main oval High Angle Reference Pointer - for cutting angles above 90 degrees 28 Dop Sticks - ranging in size from 0.750" to 0.088" Dop Stick and Index Gear Holder - holds 24 dop sticks and all the index plates Preformer Attachment with Nine Cams - original to the machine Allen Wrenches - original to the machine Plywood Machine Case - custom made for this machine, with a place for everything Plywood Lap Case - custom made with 9 shelves and a drawer Original Manual - Gem Cutting The American Way, 69 pages Original Manual - Use Of The American Facetor Programmed Index Plates, 15 pages Papers - original ARG Sales Company catalogue and fliers Dop Wax Linde A Polishing Compound Facet Rough - (not pictured) a little over 300 carats of mixed garnets (spessartite, ros...
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