American First, Cochran & Henneberry-C&H/US Yards, Chicago/Uncle Sam WATCH FOB

Attention to all of Oldshep12's awesome customers ,,, My father is no longer able to list all of the Fobs from his 50+ year collection , since his health is very bad right now . I am Doug Simon (ebay ID markmartinstheman), Ed's son & the one who helped him with his selling on ebay. I have been doing ebay since 1999, and have done over 5,000 transactions with great success, but mostly in the automotive area,,, and though dad & I were involved with collecting fobs together when I was younger, I haven't been involved with them since the 70's,, so PLEASE bare with me on my knowledge on all of his items. At some point, ebay may require me to sell his items from my own account (markmartinstheman), so for now I'm basically trying to introduce myself with all of dad's faithful customers. All of the proceeds from dad's items are to help out my mother. Thanks,, if you have any questions on items, please ask,, email me or you can call me on my cell 10am-11pm central time (evenings are better since I'm usually home after 6pm)

This auction is for:

(1) American First, Cochran & Henneberry, C & H, US Yards, Chicago

This is a nice looking fob with Uncle Sam on the front, w ith the words American First. On the back side, "The Twentieth Century Firm", Cochran & Henneberry "C&H" , US Yards and Chicago.
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