1939 American Flyer Lines Prewar O Gauge Freight Set.

I have tried to research this set, but was only able to come up with the 4 cars which was produced in 1939. The engine is a 4-4-2 wheel set that runs, has a light that works and the forward/neutral/reverse unit also works. I lubricated the engine and it runs beautifully. The box that is shown behind the engine may be for either the engine or tender as there is no markings on the box. There are some paint scrapes on the white stripe and it appears as though the previous owner tried to do some touch up on it. The number on the engine is 43224 but it appears as thought this is a add on decal. The engine overall is in really nice condition. The tender is approx. 10" long with 12 wheel trucks and what appears to be an add on American Flyer Lines decal on the sides. The tender appears to be cast with metal trucks and the curly cue coupler. In the set there also is the following.

1-#3213 Floodlight car with box. Box in poor condition as one complete end flap is missing. Car is very clean and has some paint chips and scratches, but overall very good condition. The 2 side rails have some mild tarnish on them.

1-Crane car with box. Box in poor condition. Crane car is also in nice condition. Has some paint chips and scratches, and appears there is a scratch thru
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