AMERICAN FLYER 20535 PONY EXPRESS 21925 & 21925-1, 24837, 24838, 24839, 24840

Up for auction is a Gilbert American Flyer Set Number 20535 Pony Express Limited as featured in Greenburg's Guide to American Flyer S Gauge Volume 1 on page 187. This is the exact set that you see in the photographs and formerly was part of the fabulous Walsh Collection photographed by Leonard Welter for Greenburg's Guide. If you wish to study the set more closely (and I might add with better photography) turn to page 187 in Greenburg's Guide. As provenance, I photographed the 21925 power unit next to Greenburg's Guide. Notice the run in the paint on the hood just below the marker light. I also included a photo of the 24840 "Moon Glow" Observation coach. Notice the small chip of paint in the red pin stripe just above the second passenger's window. ebay only provides me with the ability to post twelve photos, therefore I only compared two of my photos to Greenburg's Guide's photos and then took photos of the rest of the set.
This set exhibits extremely low run time. The two step e unit works fine and the Powered A unit is extremely fast. The Dummy A unit has a bell ringer as it's sound device and this works like new as well.
There are no broken squirts, repaired cracks or any other funny business in this magnificent set. Even the two ornamental plastic horns and the nose stickers are original Gilbert production.
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