AMERICAN FLYER 24323 BAKER’S CHOCOLATE CAR, WHITETANK, WHITE ENDS, GRAY DOME CAP, KLEER PAK CARTOON, RARE. YOU ARE BIDDING ON A VERY RARE AND IN EXCELLENT SHAPE AMERICAN FLYER 24323 BAKER’S CHOCOLATE TANK CAR. THIS IS THE VERY RARE TYPE WITH THE WHITE ENDS, WHITE BODY AND GRAY PLATFORM . i believe that this is the type III frame that also comes with knuckle couplers. the handrails do not wrap around the ends, just extend along the sides. THERE IS SOME VERY MINOR DISCOLORATION ON THE METAL HAND RAILS, VERY MINOR. look at the pictures closely. it has 2 complete diamond markers at one end and a one-piece brakewheel at the other. it has multicolor lettering and in large brown letters “baker’s chocolate”, in black is “gatx24323/capy.13600/lt.wt. 73700”, and “chocolate only/aar 203W.special/gatc/2-9-54.” stick on label with woman in brown and white dress is complete and looks to be firmly attached. red label reads “since 1780”. IT HAS 2 FULLY FUNCTIONAL KNUCKLE COUPLERS. wheels and trucks look great. IF THIS CAR WAS RUN, IT WAs run very little. i looked this car over carefully. it is in flat out excellent condition. i could see three very, very small pinpoint areas where the paint might have come off. they are about the size of a pinhead and the car probably came from the factory like this. there is a little dust on it from storage.

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