American Flyer Very Rare 34 Figure Set New w/Sleeve OB

Original American Flyer from 1953 only. The American Flyer 34 Figure Set is one of the hardest sets to find. It is almost impossible to find in this new condition complete, and even with the packing sleeve. Only one other has been offered on eBay in the last year or so. It is very hard to find complete in the original box. It was the largest figure set sold by any train company. This one was part of some new store stock and the figures are like new or very close to it. Some though have very small rubs from the box. It has all of the correct pieces, some of which are unique to this set only. The original box is complete with the plastic insert, the blue matting underneath the very rare packing sleeve and the original Inspectors Voucher from September 1953. All pieces are fully intact. T are no broken off small extremities or tools missing. The original box is probably a 9, complete with the cellophane window. It is very nice and extremely clean. Overall, a very high collector quality set. One of the nicest things about the set is the vibrant colors of the pieces and especially the box cover. The pieces look like they were painted yesterday and the box looks brand new, not 60 years old. T is a slight tear on one end flap, otherwise it looks brand new. See photos to confirm condition.
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