American Flyer 4637 Shasta Passenger Set Complete w/OBs

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Superb American Flyer 4637 Shasta Passenger Set

4340, 4341, 4342, 4343 Cars all in OB's

Excellent passenger set sold by American Flyer from 1929 to 1933. The massive 4637 Shasta engine has manual forward and reverse, a bell ringer assembly, and lights front and rear. Engine has been re-wheeled and internal wiring replaced. This was serviced by a Flyer/Lionel serviceman with over 50 yrs experience. This engine runs FLAWLESSLY! Reverser works perfectly, bell ringer assembly not only will ring the bell but operates a push rod which actually moves the bell on the top of the engine, and the lights work in tune with the reverser (front light works going forward, rear light in reverse, and both in neutral). Other than the wheels it all is original, not a repaint. Box is complete and the engine still has the tags. Passenger cars are all complete with their corresponding original boxes as well. They are all original with no paint touch-ups. I replaced a couple of the hand rails . Also included are 22 pieces of Flyer Standard Gauge track, 8 straights and 14 curves, the transformer, track connector, an on/off switch and the 4122 Mail Bag set. According to the literature, this mail bag set was included the the complete sets. Also, the original instruction
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