A hard to find boxed set complete with original cutouts and tickets. 353 Circus Engine is E to E+ condition with the original stamped wrapper. Very hard to find in this condition. The 649 Circus Coach is E+ with strong lettering and very clean. The 649 box has all flaps and no tape repairs, a very nice square box. Both of the 643 flats are E to E+ with original Allied loads. Both of the 643 boxes are nice and square with all flaps and some clear tape repairs. Both of the boxes have clear stampings.

The cutouts are complete and very nice. The original envelope has some typical tears with a couple of clear tape repairs, but about as nice as you will find. Also 23 original Circus Tickets are included. Other paper that is included are two hard to find instruction sheets for assembling the circus cars and wagons. Also included are the transformer instructions, operating instructions for the locomotive, authorized service stations and a nice instruction book.

Also included is a nice boxed #1 transformer, box of 702 curved track, two straights, a 704 uncoupler in the envelope, 690 track terminal in the envelope, fourteen 693 track locks in the envelope and a package of wood screws.

The set box is very nice and sturdy with all flaps. The label is nice with a clearly readable number stamp.

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