The 372 is the "Made by American Flyer" version made only in 1955. The engine is very nice and clean. The 911 is the hard to find version with original brown pipes. These are original brown pipes and not repos. The 915 is nice with the green renewal gasoline truck. The 924 Cement Car is nice and clean with all four steps. The 930 Caboose is nice with nothing broken. The engine and all of the cars are in the E to E+ range.

The set box is nice and square with a readable set number, but the two short box flaps have a portion torn off. The engine and car boxes have inner wrappers, but one or two of the car boxes have missing side flaps but all have readable descriptions.

The set is complete with a boxed 1 1/2 transformer, a box of 702 curved track, 690 track terminal in envelope, fourteen 693 track locks in envelope and illustrated train book.

A very nice hard to find collector quality set. Buyer pays $30.00 for insured priority USPS shipping.

Reserve is one half of the 2012 T & M price guide for this set.