Up for bid is a very rare American flyer set # 5680 RH,(THE CHIEF) produced in 1956. This set is one of a kind in its original excellent condition. The entire set is very mintish. This is a large freight set with the following units. First there is the three beautiful lead units which are the # 484 Santa Fe PA power unit, two motors. the #485 non powered B unit which has the diesel roar sound. and maybe horn. I have no way to test to see if it blows,and the #486 PA Santa Fe non powered unit. All three units are absolutly pristine. Engine bench tested and goes in forward and reverse. Reverse unit does stick at times. Engines also have operating headlights. The rest of the train consists of:#956 Monon piggy back car. This is the only car in the set that has graphics replaced on Piggy back trailers. The rest of the following cars are all original and in excellent condition. Next we have # 982 State of Maine car, #916 gondola with canisters,#928 flat car with lumber load, #988 Missouri Pacific refridgerated refer,#981 Central of Georgia box car, #919 CB&Q dump car,# 977 operating caboose with man on back, This is a set you do not want to miss. Please add 14.00 for shipping . If you have any questions please email me