American Flyer 588 Semaphore Block Signal C9 New Lionel 6-49835

Lionel 6-49835 remake of American Flyer 588 Semaphore Block Signal that rates C9 Factory New. A rectangle is a square but a square is not a rectangle, how do we title this? The instructions show American Flyer 2 rail hook up and it is 7 inches tall and we will let the winning bidder decide the scale. This was produced 2007-2009 so there are plenty of them out there and this is clearly if you are looking you know.

Shipping weight is 2 pounds and we are allowing for some overpacking.

First choice shipping carrier is USPS and we are using the ebay calculator to figure shipping cost.

We are also showing First Class International as a first choice but that does not excuse you from the fact that there is still NO INSURANCE on FCI and the time tested rules still apply.

Shipping: We all know the drill about zone pricing, UPS rural area surcharges and we will ship by the most sensible method considering package weight, value, shipping zone, actual address, delivery time, and our experience to a particular area. We don't play the overcharge shipping game and refund the overcharge if the eBay calculator overdoes it. We ship a lot of packages worldwide every day and have done it for 25 years with USPS pick up at 9AM and UPS pick up at 4PM. You will recieve an email from the carrier that your package has been shipped.
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