American Flyer #709 LOCKOUT ELIMINATOR

Hello: I have 2 American Flyer #709 LOCKOUT ELIMINATOR. This was made from 1950 to 1955. Both of the lockouts are in very good shape, the bottoms are very clean. THE contacts look super clean. All the writing is very readable. On the top of the Lockout: "AMERICAN FLYER" over "709" over "LOCKOUT" over "ELIMINATOR". One has 2 Spring clips with Fahnstock clips (see-through hole). The other one has Spring clips with slots only (zip clip). This small device was sold from 1950 to 1955, it eliminated the need to lock out the reverse unit of Locomatives when using train stop accessories. I will combine postage on more than one item won. Thanks for looking and good luck bidding. Thanks again.

Hello: I received a question about the #709 Lockout Eliminator. I searched through several boxes. I found the Instruction Sheet M2715, two- #707 terminals, but could only find 3-#692 Fiber Pins. So the two lockouts will be 1 Fiber Pin short, but now will have the 2-#707's,and the instructions. Thanks again. Chuck

Hello again: I kept looking through some more boxes and found acouple more Fiber Pins. The item now has 4 Fiber Pins. I think that 2 are original and 2 could be reproductions. The 2 pair look different. Hope this helps. Thanks agian for looking. Chuck