American Flyer #716,#641 and #640

This is a trio of Coal hauling cars from the link era of American Flyer for the operator.. First we have a 716 with center pick-up Coal dump car in godd condition, it's couplers have been converted to knuckle. ther is some palywear scratches to both the red paint and to the black paint in the load area. Solinoid has been tested and it works fine. Next is a #640 grey hopper with perfect link couplers with black weights on the coupler.. two steps are perfect, one is partially broken and the 4th one almost gone.It too has been played with. Lastly, the 641 red painted gondola woth white lettering. This also has been converted to knuckle couples and has one missing step. It's a clean car with evidence of been played with in it's liftime. Again--all common but nice cars for the operator. Asl questions and . MOs OK.