2 - American Flyer 962 Hamilton Passenger Cars

American Flyer 962 Hamilton Passenger Cars

You are bidding on a pair of American Flyer 962 Passenger cars. I would describe the one as in very good condition and the other as being in good condition. The one has a chrome finish and some of the chrome is rubbed off. I thought the other was a chromed car also, but as I look at it closely, it appears to have been repainted although it is a very good paint job. There appears to be some dings in the plastic that would look different if not painted. Also underneath I can see some evidence of minor paint runs on the lower lip. The original lettering appears to be intact as well as the chrome Hamilton plate on each side. The lettering "American Flyer Lines" could have been redone I suppose. I bought these at a train show and did not look closely enough. The wheels are clean and the lights work. They look great running on my layout, but I need to get rid of some things. Thanks for looking and !