Here is a very clean AMERICAN FLYER # 970 Operating Walking Brakeman car from my own collection. If you are looking for a nice cosmetically clean 970 this is one to consider. I note that this car appears to have been inventoried during the 1957 GILBERT FLYER five digit transformation era and one endflap has been factory stamped with a "25012" ...refer to photos. This car has be used in the past but remains extremely clean with superb lettering and paint retention... there is great hazy factory paint luster over this car! Only very minute evidence of use here and there ...on a couple of rivet heads and some high molded edges/roof corners. Roof is extremely clean. There is some "SEABOARD" decal gum residue around the circular decal border which is very common with these cars. Endwalks are intact. Brakewheel present. Couplers are original and operate. BRAKEMAN FIGURE IS ORIGINAL...his clothing is a little darker blue than the photos suggest. The underframe is clean overall there are some light specks and patches of early surface rust here and there which should clean up well. There is also some minor light surface rust on the adjusting bar at the end of the car which should also clean up. I tested the car and the man did move but the wheels and contacts need to been cleaned if this car is going to be operated. Overall this car is

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