American Flyer AF 21920 21920-1 Missouri Pacific Passenger set Complete EX

The 21920-21920-1-24856-24859-24863-24866 American Flyer Missouri Pacific Passenger Set ranges from EX to EX+ Condition It runs super fast. The dummy unit does a strong horn. The silver lettering/stamping is 99.9+%; it is strong and equal on both sides (may have very, very minor rubbing, or slight nicking on 21920?). The Nose decals are Original with no curling, 100% present, but the 21920 has slight nicks, and rub on the "lines". The decorative plastic horns are Both Original. It was made in 1958 only and is usually regarded as the most desirable American Flyer Gilbert passenger set. The Observation has the Does Not have a crack in the back, but it is factory touchup on the back part of the roof and the adjacent roof area, because it looks like a slightly poorer than average factory silver paint shoot, sot there is factory silver paint blobbed one up on the roof. The 24856 Combine has the silver factory touchups on top from a slightly poorer than average factory paint shoot. On the 24856 Observation, the end bezzel & antennae are Original. There slight rubs on the high points & slight dirt in some small areas. There is slight rust on the underframes. This is a well matched up set. So here is the MP passenger set; it's the best one in the last four years+. It is a super nice operator set, or for collector set too.
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