American Flyer AF 490-491-493-900-901-902-902-903 Northern Pacific set EX+ LN

The 490-491-493-900-901-902-902-903 American Flyer Northern Pacific passenger set is in the range of EX+ to LN condition. The engines are very close to LN condition. One of the 902's is LN condition. The 903 is more like EX+ condition, and the rest of the cars are in EX+ to LN condition. The engine runs super fast. The horn & roar work well.There is a factory repaired crack in the back of the 903 Observation; the end bezzel is original; the antennae is original. The lights all work. The lettering/stamping is 100% complete; the decals are in EX condition or better. The decorative horns are Original. Both nose decals are original, and are in EX condition, or better . They were made in 1956 only, and are generally considered one of the two best sets American Flyer ever made; The engine wrappers are in the range of G to VG, with visible stamping, the 491 B unit is double stamped, and is the weakest of the three wrappers); I might have some of the car boxes separately for the winner-they are not included in this auction). There maybe be some very very minor surface no rust on the underframes? This set is the best set I have seen on ebay for years. They are very nice collector pieces.
Returns of the same Northern Pacific passenger set, for full refund are Not accepted. I accept all legals means of payments.
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