This is an American Flyer/Gilbert, All Aboard, Pioneer 600, scenic display panels and train in the original box. The engine has been bench tested and runs, we did not put it together on the track and run it. The engine is 21165 and the tender is ERIE and they are both in very good condition. The train cars are a Great Northern Frieght Car 24422 with a missing coupler and brake wheel, otherwise very good condition and has a metal base, a Bethlehem Steel Gondola 24125 in very good condition, an American Flyer Lines 24636 Caboose in very good condtiion with metal base. The panels are each 17" x 17" and the six put together are 51" x 34". There are no chips or cracks in the panels, they are very nice. The set also has telegraph poles, street lamps, crossing signs, stop signs, fence section, tree, hills, tunnel, bridges and two houses. The white house is missing a garge door and 2 windows and the blue house is missing a window, otherwise they are in nice condition with roofs. I am not sure the transformer works, so I will include a Lionel that I know works. There are a couple of track connectors missing. The tunnel is really neat. The 2 American Flyer signs in the picture have the tabs broken where they go into the slots. There are some slots in the display where it appears tabs may have been broken and remain in the slots. You could ... read more