American Flyer Box Cars and Parts

American Flyer S gage Box cars and parts. There are two Rock box cars with bad trucks. The bodies on both cars are in very good condition with the door pins and brake wheels intact. No scratches or serious blemishes on either body. One Rock car has one good truck and one partial truck with out coupler or wheels. The second has broken trucks on both ends with no couplers at all. The grey box car body is complete with doors, brake wheel and no broken door latch pins. This body is unpainted and there is no identification on the inside of the body. The flat car has one good truck and one missing truck. I'm not sure if the flat car is painted, but it is marked AC Gilbert on the bottom. The attaching rivet on the good truck appears to have been partialy removed. Also included is one good truck assembly as well as several wheel and axle sets and two truck sides. All items are loose with NO factory packaging.