American Flyer Compatible 511040 Fire Department of New York Boxcar new no box

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Why I do not rate my offerings higher than C-9! I have been asked several questions about why my brand new, in original box, never run offerings are only rated C-9, "Factory New." I invite all to visit the expanded TCA definitions for evaluations of trains and read the full document. There you will find why I will not ever rate a car C-10. As the document explains, even brand new cars straight from the manufacturer may not earn a C-10 rating -- the smallest scuff, a mold mark and a host of other things beyond my ability to judge disqualify even brand new trains from the C-10 rating. We both may think it unfair or even at times silly, but, the TCA ratings are what they are and I will not knowingly violate them. Therefore, when you see C-9, "Factory New," on my listings, you may bid and buy with comfort knowing that you will be pleased with the car. Item American Flyer Compatible 511040 FDNY Fire Department of New York Boxcar new no box Features FDNY commemorative boxcar, sliding doors, operating knuckle couplers Market Availability no longer produced, rarely available TCA Grade C-9, Factory New (my highest rating) Box I am sorry that there

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