Up for auction today is a large American Flyer train set which includes an engine, tender, five cars, numerous accessories, track and a transformer. The offering consists of the following items:

A great looking American Flyer #302 Reading Lines Atlantic style die cast locomotive and tender. This engine has been tuned up and the reverse unit has been serviced. The wire harness and the control fingers have been replaced. The engine has an operating headlight and a boiler mounted smoke generator that produces large volumes of smoke (see pictures). The engine shows moderate playwear consistent with an item over sixty years old but there is no rust and all of the engine equipment is original. The engine and tender are equipped with the A.C. Gilbert link coupling system as are all of rhe cars in this offering. This vintage engine grades C-6.

The American Flyer #630 Reading caboose with operating marker lights. This one of a kind car has two lantern shaped marker lights and a small light over the rear platform that shines brightly when track power is applied. They give off light at the same intensity whether they are operating at 4 volts or 18 volts. They use actual mini bulbs instead of plastic light glow bars. This car will be a great addtion to your operating layout. The car grades C-7.

The American Flyer #
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