American Flyer diecast O gauge 3/16s scale tuscan combo

This is an offering for anexceptionally nice American Flyer 3/16s (a.k.a. 1:64) scale O gauge tuscan diecast combo car, catalog # 521. The base and shell castings are unwarped and free of ‘metal rot’. The paint and lettering are original and in superb condition. There is no rust on the truck frames, wheels or axles. Some of the window gels are missing. No light bulb is included. Scrutinize the photos. If what's displaying is too small for you, then I'll be pleased to email the JPEGS directly to you.

Surface irregularities on the roof are visible and can be felt through the paint. This is due to casting flaws, which are common in the 521 and 524. I’ve included a photo of a 524 that I’ve stripped. The depressions are self-evidently NOT due to deterioration. When I’ve refinished these, I’ve sanded and done multiple applications of primer to smooth them out. This was not done by Gilbert.

I’m offering this “as is”. It will be protectively packed and should arrive in its extant condition. If you are not pleased with any aspect of it, then at your expense, you can return it to me within 7 calendar days of your receipt of them for a full refund of the purchase price. The return shipment will have to be made via the same class of service as that via which I shipped them to you. You will be obligated to pack it in the same manner
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