American Flyer 5 engine lot 499,307,21129,370,466

Buyer to receive this original American Flyer 5 different engine lot. Some of these engines have issues and could use some TLC. Engines included: #370 Appears complete, however the trucks need to be reconnected. This is why this carv has electrical tape holding the truck on. #21129 looks ok other than rear wheels missing. #307 Engine with tender with no issues that I can tell (needs cleaning). #466 Engine with no issues that I can tell (needs good cleaning). #499 New haven engine The plastic body is not secure (comes off) and needs a good cleaning and some TLC. Also I see a screw missing in front wheel truck. This would make a nice lot for someone who loves to tinker. Buyer to add $20 for USPS shipping with delivery confirmation. I will have allot of vintage train items on ebay within the next several days. I purchased these trains from collector's son who's father passed away! Unfortunately the son does not no much about them. Thanks for your considerations, Bill.