AMERICAN FLYER S Estate Lot of 12 BOXED Santa Fe A, B, Dummy NICE! MORE 81 PIX

please take the time to go to the website where I host my pix and !!!!

looks like they have been in and out of boxes a few times but IF! they were ever used it was gently. boxes have storage wear, some staining and some tears by flaps, some partial flaps missing. these came out of an attic that has a hole in the roof, it must have been damp and some trim pieces and wheels have some rust. untested as my transformer bit the dust. most of these will need a gentle light wiping off, most have some light paint loss on high spots. bottoms /wehhel/trucks on locos are super nice. ESTATE FRESH! ON CARS EXPECT TO CLEAN WHEELS AND TRUCKS, THERE MAY BE SOME SPECKS OF RUST ON WHEELS/TRUCKS AND COUPLERS AS THESE WERE IN AN ENVIROMENT WHERE DAMPNESS COULD BE PRESENT. INCLUDES: Diesel COntrol BOX ONLY with a fenced stand in it thatis nice but has a small drip of glue about 1/4" from end along edge on side w/o fence

21910-2 Santa Fe Dummy missing horn, steps have some rust, plastic tab above right front step has part gone so step moves it looks like it happend when it got pulled out of box at auction (likely by someone who didnt even bid) front decal on both sides has some chipping, a few very small paint chips or rubs on high spots.

21910-1 B Unit, steps have some rust, on Santa Fe end of car the black end has some lines on it

21910 A Unit, rust on 3 steps not on left front one, end of car the black end has some lines on it that look like they are in plastic starts middle bottom and branches out (almost like a small tree), small rub on top of nose anout 1/4" back from front, few small light rubs on high spots. light rub along edge above front window on left side.

24213 Wabash hopper car, few small light rubs on high spots.

24313 3 dome tank car Gulf, ladder on side where decal is more yellow is rusty, white powdery residue under car that I touched with fingertip and it will come off. some rubs on high spots.

25052 Action Deluxe Caboose, very clean, few specks of rust on metal bottom some specks of rust on trucks trucks and wheels need cleaned

24036 New Haven Box Car, some rust inside on floor, specks of rust on little hooks that hold doors closed, some light paint wear on high spots

24206 Coal Car, some light paint wear on high spots

24415 box(boxis dirty and stained) with a 989 Northwesten Ref Car in it, small rust specks on floor and on bottom metal surface of carlight rubs on high spots.

24406 box car boxwith 913 Great Northern Carlight rust specks on door slides on one side(some little pins that hold slides on have light rust), decals have some sticky residue around edges, light rubs on high spots, interior floor is dusty, some light rust specks under floor

25003 log unloading car, trucks and wheels have misc rust, black frame has misc very small paint chips, sivler part is nice as are logs

25019 operating milk car, box is rough, metal base has small rust specks, car needs awipe down metal door slides have a few very small rust specks

thx for looking!


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