American Flyer O Gauge 561 K5 locomotive and 558 Tender

American Flyer O Gauge Pennsylvania RR K5 Locomotive and 558 PENNSYLVANIA Tender. Locomotive is complete with solid drivers and all valve gear and eccentrics. Pilot wheels have been replaced with blackened, spun brass reproductions that look just like the originals but, unlike the originals, will not crumble to dust. The trailing wheel assembly is a good quality reproduction. Pilot has both steps and both marker lights with jewels. Boiler has all handrails and both marker lights with jewels. Cab numbering is weak on one side and gone on the other. This engine runs flawlessly forward and backward, and is very fast. Only thing missing is the gear cover underneath. The 558 tender is all original, and has some wear but has all 4 steps, all wheel sets, coupler, grab ladder and both marker lights with jewels. Nice straight sides, no warping at all. Lettering is decent. Great engine and tender combo for running on a layout.