American Flyer, S-Gauge, No. 948 Track Cleaning Flat Service Car w/Original Box

American Flyer by Gilbert, S-Gauge, No. 948 Track Cleaning Service Car

Nice clean car manufactured in 1953-1957 with excellent paint.

Designated by Gilbert as: American Flyer- Flat Car- Low Center- Tuscan Diecast Body- Silver Tank with (KNC) Knuckle Couplers.

The end caps on the silver tank seem to come loose if you tug on them. I do not think this is supposed to happen and probably needs a spot of glue. The last picture posted shows a cap which I pulled on - thats as far as it moves. There is also a couple of very, very small rust spots on one of the side rails. These were the only things which I believe reduces the grading below excellent and these can eaisly be fixed.

The box is decent, compared to most, with only moderate wear from being opened and closed. A small portion of the inner diecut flap on one end is missing.

Please view the 12 pictures for condition. Please also e-mail me with any questions. I am not a train expert - just selling my late father's collection which has been in storage for more than 20 years.

Thanks for looking.

Payment via Paypal only please. Domestic shipping to lower 48 states.