I inherited this collection of American Flyer Trains from my great uncle and they have been packed away since 1972. He lived in Amarillo, Texas, near a switching yard and he re-created the switching yard in his garage. He painted and modified the model trains to look like the real trains he saw in Amarillo or trains he toured in Colorado. Some of the trains have a lot of paint and modifications and some have very little.

I am not a model train collector, therefore, I do not know how to describe the condition of the trains and I have not tried to run them. I have compiled the following inventory for some of the larger items and I will furnish detailed photos to anyone interested. I will answer any questions that I can. I want to sell these trains as an entire lot with no returns, so please buy accordingly.

Inventory: AF Loco 332 (4-8-4) with tender, original shipping box from Sattlers Hobby Shop, Westmont, NJ; AF Loco (2-6-6-2) with tender-Looks homemade; Diesel Loco 470, 471, 473-built by Gilbert-Santa Fe Chief; AF 313 Loco (4-6-2) with plastic tender; AF 313 Loco (4-6-2) with metal tender; AF 313 Loco (4-6-2) with metal tender; AF 290 Loco (4-6-4) with metal tender; AF 300 AC (2-4-2) with plastic tender; AF 302 AC (4-4-2) with plastic tender; AF 300 (4-4-2) with plastic tender; AF2 1115 (4-6-2) with plastic tender;
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