American Flyer S-Gauge Tank Car In Hershey Custom Paint

This is a Gilbert or American Flyer S-Gauge Tank Car that has been taken apart to clean off al existing lettering & was than custom painted in a cst mixed paint to match hersheys maroon color, has silver lettering & base, this car has plastic fixed couplers as you can see in picture & has one step missing , will have more S gauge hoppers & tank cars finished & listed shortly , ..................! am making up a few Custom painted HO flat cars with custom loads of all kinds please check the store along with other auctions to see other cars, also check store for other custom paints along with some restorations & also hand painted gourds , !...... **** DO NOT PAY RIGHT AWAY( THE COST OF SHIPPING YOU SEE IS FOR OUR ZIP CODE AND WE NEED YOURS TO DETERMINE YOUR COST. YOUR COST IS DEPENDING ON YOUR ZIP CODE & PACKAGE SIZE) Please be patient and wait to pay until you receive an invoice from us with insurance added OR we won't ship until postage for your zip code is paid, we can't be responsible for anything being damaged or lost in the mail. there is a $3.00 handling fee which inclues insurance on item being shipped****We try to pack our things very carefully as if it were our own item. eBay allows seller and buyer 3 days to get in touch with each other. Multiple items can be combined for a lower postal rate. ... read more