American Flyer S Gauge Instant Engine Collection. 10 Running Engines.

I am listing 10 engines, all of which run. Some of the engines may need some clean up such as grab rails, a little side rod clean up, but for the most part all of the engines can be put on your layout and operated. The group consists of the following:

3- #470, #471, #473 Santa Fe ABA set (53-58) The powered unit ran great. Will need 2 side decals. The "B" unit will require one side decal and the #473 has a decal that has a small piece out of it. These are the decals that have the indian face and feathers flowing from it. There are a few paint chips, but nothing that can't be touched up if one so desires.

1-#472 Santa Fe "A" unit. The engine ran, e-unit worked. Is in need of 2 side ladders and it has several paint scrapes and nicks on it. Would make a good runner.

1-#372 Union Pacific GP-7 Diesel (55-57). Unit could stand some clean up and has some paint scrapes. Instant runner.

1-#322 NYC 4-6-4 Hudson (46-49). Could use a little clean up.

1-#283 Northwestern Line. C & W 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive (54-57). Could use a little clean up.

1-#336 UP 4-8-4 Northern Locomotive (53-56). Engine needs some clean up, but it ran well. Has some paint scrapes, missing small tank on top of engine. Do not know if
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