My grandfather left me a huge train collection that he had collected many years ago when he had a hardware store in Vermont. These trains date back to the 60's to the 90's. I am not a train expert nor do I pretend to be one. I try to do my best with the pictures so you can get a full view on what I am selling. Please also keep in mind that these trains have been kept in storage and have not been run in a few years, and I have not tested them as well. Whenever there was something wrong with an train my Grandfather would still keep it, he would just leave notes about the train and if there was something wrong with it he would leave a note inside the box or write it on the outside. I will leave any notes he makes about the train below.

Boxed American Flyer manual control track switches #26760 still in original cardboard. Shows age and rust..

please ask questions if you have any but al so note that I take anything back if you are not happy for any reason. If you wish to pay outside of paypal please just let me know.

I only ship priority outside of the US , no exceptions.

Thank you again and I hope these all go to a good home. Please check out my funny t shirts that I have designed as well for the true train lover.