American Flyer NP-North Coast Ltd.Passenger Set #49602


This is a listing for the American Flyer Northern Pacific (North Coast Limited Passenger Set Number 49602.

This set contains the complete passenger set which includes 5 passenger cars along with PA-1 powered & non-powered locomotives. The powered locomotive features dual motors,eight wheel drive, working headlights, operating knuckle couplers with transformer controlled forward-neutral-reverse operation. The non-powered locomotive features die-cast trucks with working headlights, operating knuckle couplers and metal chassis & steps, same as the powered locomotive. The PB-1 non-powered engine has the die-cast trucks and operating knuckle couplers.As you can see by my pictures, this set is new in mint condition. All components are in individual boxes which are also mint condition. I also have an extra passenger coach #6-48925 car along with the PB-1 non-powered engine with rail sounds. Features include real diesel rail sounds which create the digitally recorded roar of a diesel engine at idle, start-up and full power, plus the blast of the diesel horn & the clanging of the electro-mechanical engine bell. Also the #10-5906-001 sound activation button, volume control for the rail sounds, die-cast trucks and operating knuckle couplers,
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