American Flyer "Pacemaker" Freight Set #20470- Excellent Condition !!

Just in Time for the Holidays!!

This train set includes not only the rare and hard to find #24519 Western Electric Depressed Center Car , but also the

#326 LARGE ENGINE loco & tender .

Give the gift of the past!! Included in this set are the following:

Instruction Book for 3/16” scale, #326 Locomotive & Tender Car- (Lg. Engine) with steam whistle generator, #25016 Southern Pacific Lumber Unloading Car, #24043 B&M Box Car, #24109 Steel Pipe Car, #25052 Caboose, #956 Piggy Back Carrier w/ 2 cars, #24519 Western Electric Depressed Center Car, #24413 American Refrigerator Transit Co. Car and #22030 100 Watt Transformer.

The track includes 180.5” total - 13 Curved , 6 Straight (1 uncoupler and 690 track terminal) & 12 stays.

Please feel free to email me with questions or I would be happy to take more pictures upon request. I am not a train expert, although I have had many hobby stores advise me this train set is in excellent condition. This set was given to my father as a child in 1958. What a wonderful gift to either display and admire or enjoy watching as it makes its way around the Christmas tree!

** All cars are in original boxes except the locomotive and tender car (which are still in excellent condition and have been preserved very well) . Some boxes
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