American Flyer parts lot boom car sides crane hook more

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Part of my American Flyer trains blowout as I sell off the small collection I had, was this box of parts from an old hobby shop.

This auction lot is for the contents of drawer number twelve. One pair AF fences (for side of flat car maybe?), two pair plastic couplers of some sort (Lionel?), various wheels including rubber tire set for piggyback truck trailer, various small screws and washers. Pawed through this to find a cast pot metal bolster in bad shape and a hook from a crane with pulley in very good shape, consequently this lot now has a higher minimum price and too bad for the two watchers who didn't bid on the two auction listings for this lot. Wouldn't surprise me if the hook is a $10 part all by itself, it's cast metal with a nylon pulley.

Shipping: I'm listing this so that each lot should ship first class mail very reasonably, I can send Priority if preferred and I will combine lots if someone wins multiple auctions.

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