It is amazing that this is the 40th anniversary of the Varney/Sirus run of the Presidents Special Set. These cars were made in 1972 as marked under the cars which makes them the 2nd run. Early and 1st run of the V&S cars were unmarked. I purchased this set directly from George Sirus himself which will make the the winner of this auction the 2nd owner. Loco and cars are in exc. condition. The wheels show some oxidation after 40 years but will clean up. Just a few very tiny marks on roofs on a couple of the cars but not at all significant. They look great. The loco will not come with an A.F. motor but rather with the wheels and plate as it did when they were originally sold. recieved from George in 1972. I do have extra original A.F. motors that are the right ones for this A.F. loco at an extra cost. I do not have the boxes for the set. is your chance to own a Presidents Special at a fraction of the price of an original one from the "Kings" and "Pioneers" of reproductions. Nobody has ever duplicated these sets the way Varney/Sirus did. Simply a beautiful set. I would consider offers if really interested as I realize sometimes bidders are unable to be at a computer when items close. So..don't be shy. Ask questions, if needed, before bidding. All sales are final. Good Luck !!

If needed, her is a number that I can
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