American Flyer Royal Blue Engine for parts or repair

This auction is for a American Flyer Royal Blue Engine for parts or repair. What keeps this item from grading higher is missing a number of parts, wear, a poorly repaired crack in the front of the body, etc; but still some good parts. We will be listing more train items of various grades so stay tuned and we are more than happy to combine shipping.

Sadly after having dealt with several buyers that were major problems I have some new policies, 1) Confirmation will be on every item and is included in the shipping price. 2) All items are sold “as-is”, t are NO returns unless I made a mistake. 3) Any “Buy it Now” item will be “Instant Payment Required” 4) I reserve the right to cancel any bid from a buyer that I see as problematic. 5) I will block any buyer from all future auctions who becomes a problem. 6) I will take action to the fullest extent that Ebay will allow against problem buyers. 7) Please pay in a timely manner, if you need a few days or are still bidding that is fine but please be prompt and contact me with what is going on. 8) I will not end a auction early, it is not fair to the other bidder. I have always done my best to work with buyers who have had problems but several recent transactions have shown that I can not be as trusting as I once was, if you can not live up to the above, please do not bid. We will combine
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