American Flyer Service Manual

This contains service manual forms plus some additional forms

1070 pages on a CD plus the 2 indexes

These were compiled from original A. C. Gilbert forms

All can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader

Included are parts breakdowns for steam & diesel locomotives

plus accessories and action cars, HO trains, transformers

slot cars and parts and price sheets.

Also included are 5 sheets of wiring diagrams for steam, diesel &

HO engines plus a wiring diagram to test engines.

Numerous order blanks to order parts and

instructions on how to wire reverse loops and the "wye".

Why buy a book full of paper copies of these service manual sheets for a hundred dollars when you can have them all on a CD for much less. This CD is not like other CD's listed on Ebay. It does not have the other things they have, such as railroad histories or catalogs, but it does have almost all service manual sheets plus price sheets and revisions for them. These sheets start in the late 1940's and continue through the revised prices of 1962 which were the last revisions before A. C. Gilbert closed in 1966. It also has some instruction sheets (M format) that were included in the service manuals. Only the ones that I know for
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