American Flyer Set 20083 4913 W/OBs 1957 LN‏

This listing is for a magnificent De Luxe Santa Fe Super Chief boxed Set 20083 from 1957 headed by 21902 (470/471/473) Santa Fe PA/PB/PA diesel loco with horn and diesel roar. The Set comes complete with red-striped satin silver streamlined lighted AFL 960 (24773) "Columbus" combine; 961 (24793) "Jefferson" coach; two 962 (24813) "Hamilton" vista domes, and 963 (24833) "Washington" observation. Also included is a box of twelve 26720 curves, eight 26700 straights, a 26752 remote-control uncoupler in its original box, a 26690 track terminal in its unopened envelope, twenty 26693 track locks in their envelope, a 26708 horn control and control box in its original box, and an illustrated train book. The ABAs are in pristine condition with a nose decal chip on the 470. The chip is on the end of the right decal and is about 1/64th of an inch. The cars are all flawless with no damage. The boxes are all tens with the proper 1957 stamping on one end. The two 962 vista domes are wrapped in the original factory tissue paper. The boxes for the ABAs are tens with the coupler guards for each engine front and rear. The Set box is beautiful with no water stains, but some wear from storage. The label is very nice with a clear and readable stamp. The box is dated FEG (June 1957) and there is a green label identifying the distributor that sent it

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